About Me

Capturing the beauty of the female form, in man-made and natural environments.”

Tim Pile

The female form is a beautiful thing, and I try to capture that beauty in my images, using man-made and natural environments. I generally prefer to take pictures that include models, rather than just pictures of models. I have no artistic background, and I feel that my eye for composition comes from having studied Mathematics.

While traditionally nude photography has been thought of as monochrome images, often taken in a studio, my approach is to showcase the beauty of the human form in an eclectic variety of  locations,

These images are not my images, every one of them is the result of a creative partnership with the model concerned. I freely acknowledge that the improvement in my photography is because of working with such creative individuals.

I live in Birmingham, which is near the centre of England, but look far and wide for locations to go with my models.

I have many photographic distinctions and awards, and while I am very proud of them in the end it’s the images that matter. I was very honoured to become a member of the London Salon of Photography.

A way of sharing my images with fellow photographers is through talks that I give to camera clubs, and any other interested organisations, the talks are entitled “Have I Got Nudes For You” and “Nudes Night” to ensure that anybody attending is in no doubt about the content of my images.

Many thanks to all the models for producing all these great images with me, and bringing a little bit of beauty to the World. I enjoy immensely creating these images, and I hope I can brighten up your day by sharing my images with you.